Monday, October 29, 2012

So yesterday I ran a half marathon.  The "Farmer's Inn" half marathon.  Though I've slowly been (or at least I like to think that I've been) transitioning into more of a trail runner than a road runner, I must admit that I enjoy a good scenic half marathon.  And by scenic I mean hilly.  Flat courses are boring, let's be honest.  Sure, they can be fast, and sure, you might be able to easily get your BQ (not me), but hills are where it's at. Hills are tough.  Hills make you strong.

Something I noticed is that people for the most part know how to go up a hill.  Sure, their posture might not be perfect, etc etc, but they get the gist (or is it jist?  Too lazy to google it, but not too lazy to type out this long parenthetical bullshit about whether or not I spelled it correctly) of it.  However, I noticed that many runners can't run downhill.  I'm no expert, but I'm getting better.  There was a decent pack of us running together for the first mile or so until we all came to a long steep downhill, and I quickly noticed that a large group of runners that were behind me simply were not there anymore.

So, the Farmers Inn half.. great course.  Mile 3 is a big long gravely uphill.  Pretty tough, but I assume running trails that typically have more elevation change than roads has helped me physically and mentally.  Anyways, it was fun, and there was a lot of free food at The End.

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  1. This is one of my favorite halfs! Even though I may have been duped into it by the race director the first year (2010)with false course info, and unleashed my frustration at the one water stop at which I hurled my jacket at him and said some choice words...I still loved this course. I would recommend it to anyone. Is it tough? I sure as heck would say YES to that...but it is awesome!

    P.s. You finished strong (even though I still had a bazillion miles left at the point of your finish) and had an awesome time on this course! Congrats to you! You are an accomplished and well-rounded runner.